Tick Tock — A Timely Update on Ticks, Diseases & Prevention Timothy McDermott, DVM, Ohio State University Extension, gives a 2020 update to his 2019 EAB University presentation on ticks — their spread & biology, as well as the diseases they vector, how to prevent them, and what to do when you find them.

Arctic Ocean: climate change is flooding the remote north with light – and new species The Arctic has been a remote place for much of its history. But climate change is bringing global problems and opportunities to its door. Jørgen Berge, University of Tromsø; Carlos Duarte, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; Dorte Krause-Jensen, Aarhus University; Karen Filbee-Dexter, Université Laval; Kimberly Howland, Université duContinue reading

Predation impacts of invasive raccoons on rare native species In Japan, there are concerns that invasive alien raccoons prey on rare native species, Hokkaido salamander and Japanese crayfish, during their spawning season from late winter to early summer.  Sakura Oe, Mariko Sashika, Ayako Fujimoto, Michito Shimozuru & Toshio Tsubota  Scientific ReportsNovember 30, 2020